This is a step-by-step guide on how to use Builtwith in conjunction with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Builtwith is a super handy tool when it comes to tracking companies for the various tools and technologies that they use as part of their tech stack.

What is Builtwith and what it does?

What makes Builtwith a wonderful prospecting tool is the fact that it provides an accurate list of companies using a particular technology. …

I’d like to start with some context before delving into the details of the process workflow that we use. I run Surge Street, an outbound sales agency based out of India.

Over the past two years, we’ve experimented with almost any and every tool on the market. We have had our fair share of experience working with B2B Contact list providers like Zoominfo, DiscovergOrg, etc. and we’ve also dabbled a lot with tools that work on top of Linkedin Sales Navigator like Snov, Hunter, Findthatlead, etc.

As of today we primarily prospect inside of Linkedin Sales Navigator and use Findthatlead…

If you’ve been running cold email outreach campaigns, chances are that you’ve been using one of the two below mentioned methods to find out email addresses of your target audience.

Method 1: Buying a list from a vendor or from companies like Zoominfo.

Method 2: Guessing and finding out emails using software like, Findthatlead, Hunter, etc.

In both cases, before running the cold email outreach campaigns, you need to be verifying the email list by passing it through an email verifier.

Here is why I think verifying your contact list is probably one of the most crucial steps in…

Mayank Chaba

Co-Founder at Data Chroma | Simplifying Sales Prospecting and B2B Lead Generation

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